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We have a proud record of producing excellent IEB Matric results since 2003. During the year there are excursions, visits, guest speakers, camps and tours, all of which add interest and value to a range of subjects, along with personal growth and enjoyment. Most of our sports take place at facilities off the campus. Our teams enjoy their sports and we are proud of the on-going successes of our sportswomen and sportsmen. ASB has an established cultural dimension and the Art, Dance, Design, Drama and Music departments entertain, educate and impress year after year. The students and parents of ASB have a proud history of admirable community service work and give-back projects. So many people, organisations, animals and the environment have benefited from their benevolence.

At Reddam House ASB we value skills that will set our students up for success, both academically and beyond the school environment. 

In a world where there are so many challenges, why not approach local issues with solutions that benefit curriculum learning and actual communities. With this in mind, we've embarked on a learning model dubbed "Impact Learning" where curriculum content is covered, while addressing issues relating to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. In this way, students are covering required content, learning valuable skills pertaining to research, interpersonal communication and solving local issues. 

In 2019, students were tasked with the challenge of feeding the homeless in the City Bowl of Cape Town (UN Sustainable Development Goal No. 2 - Zero Hunger). It was an enlightening activity, that changed the perspectives of our students towards the homeless community as a whole. This project was awarded an Excellence in Education Award (in the Grade 4-7 Curriculum Challenge category). To learn more about this project, please watch this video clip.



"Dear Parents and Prospective Parents,

The first thing about the College at Reddam House Atlantic Seaboard is that we encourage our students to ‘Dream Big’.

Our mission is to nurture potential. Given the right encouragement, we believe intelligence and talent will expand and grow. We aim to keep students’ dreams and aspirations alive by actively cultivating that intelligence and talent.

Our aim is for our students to be happy and enjoy their learning experience at our school. With myriad opportunities in academia, sport and creative pursuits, they can thrive in a co-ed environment, where girls and boys nurture, encourage and complement each other, enriching the world through different eyes and diverse world views.

With strong, working relationships between staff and students - in an atmosphere of mutual respect - we are committed to nurturing each student’s potential, to respect others, to develop healthy relationships and become responsible citizens.

By developing self-awareness, the skills and self-confidence to communicate effectively - and the ability to collaborate with peers around the world - our committed staff painstakingly prepare our students to face the future with confidence.

Actively encouraging research, writing, collaboration and ongoing dialogue, students learn to become curious, resilient and enterprising risk-takers, developing a passion for knowledge and resolutely tackling challenges and overcoming adversity.

Our powerful Reddam House tradition, innovation and community awareness contribute to Reddam House Atlantic Seaboard’s pre-eminent position as one of Cape Town’s leading schools.

Providing a world-class education when our students excel and graduate, we aim to ensure they do so as confident, caring, creative, collaborative, dynamic, young people - committed to life-long learning and growing - and achieving success and maximising their potential anywhere in the world."

Liséttè Noonan, Head of School


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